Ecoscapes Landscape Design

25 Years of experience
35 Projects in 2015
6,862 Trees planted



ECOSCAPES is a leading landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm, operating since 2013 and located in Athens, Greece. Our creative studios are committed to designs that reflect nature's aesthetic qualities, are resilient and sustainable and altogether benefit positively social well-being. Our core mission is to create exceptional spaces for our clients. A shared passion for plants, design, functionality and beauty brings together a team of professionals with various backgrounds (including landscape architecture, horticulture and botany) and drives a truly dynamic and creative practice.


At ECOSCAPES, we have a deep appreciation for nature and natural systems and a strong commitment to designs that vividly combine aesthetics and science. Our inspiration springs from understanding unique characteristics of the site under study, its specific environmental properties, and the client's own needs and preferences. Our design process combines collective imagination with scientific knowledge to produce unique landscapes. Using innovative materials and a wide variety of plant palettes we build exceptional environments that suit even the most marginal conditions of the Mediterranean landscape. Our approach evolves constantly to reflect new ideas and to deal with new challenges..


Each project is thought-throw based on its individually and always progressing in tight collaboration with our clients. Our architects and landscape designers skillfully integrate the client’s own unique aesthetic vision with the particular environmental and functional requirements of the site. There is no standard template, only a fresh, customized creation. ECOSCAPES addresses each project as a unique work of art and science. The result is a beautiful, customized plan that evolves taking into account the essential elements of life such as sunlight, wind, water, and other factors impacting the growth and health of the plants.

Our extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean flora ensures beautiful and sustainable planting combinations that are easily maintained at a relatively low cost. We use the most robust breeds of native plants, well-adapted to the climate, carefully selected according to environmental conditions such as sunlight exposure, soil acidity and nutrient content as well as water availability. This ensures the creation of thriving natural environments, always paying close attention to the resulting human experience and perception of a landscape.

Our architects work closely with our clients to design beautiful and sustainable landscapes, by personally visiting and evaluating sites, carefully developing plans, taking expert advice from our botanists, ensuring the realization of uniquely pleasing natural spaces.

We select building materials for paths, ponds, and other landscape elements based on functionality and durability from a variety of local suppliers, using the best available stone, metal, and wood. We carefully combine materials that aesthetically complement architectural details and can withstand weathering over time.

Our construction team is comprised by experienced horticultural technicians ensuring professional installation of planting material, under the supervision of a leading team botanist. Post construction and installation, ECOSCAPES can provide maintenance services according to the needs of your garden. A team of horticultural technicians under the instructions of our agronomists, ensure the well-being of your green space with regular visits, conducting the necessary practices keeping all the elements and components of your garden at optimal conditions.


ECOSCAPES’ landscape projects are always in harmony with the architectural and natural environment of each site. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach combining our collective experience, closely observing advances in the industry, having a broad understanding of plant science and thinking innovatively to develop resilient and sustainable gardens. Weather conditions, water availability, wind, geology and much more become elements of a challenging exploration where balance, adaptability and durability are dominating factors of the final design. The selected planting material, hardscape materials, topography alternations, water management and other design elements are derived having preventive maintenance at the back of our minds, while each completed project becomes sustainably a component of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.


We provide high-performance landscape architecture and master planning to create exceptional places, urban or rural, where people live, work, and play. Whether large or small scale, residences, commercial buildings or edible gardens, all of our projects reflect remarkable aesthetic qualities and a thoughtful admiration for the essence of natural environmentshabitat recreation.Once appointed, we see a project through until completion, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the support and advice we offer to our clients at every stage of the project. ECOSCAPES is committed to integrating art and science, innovation and experience, to create environments that are both uniquely beautiful and naturally robust.



ECOSCAPES is a team of botanists, landscape architects, and horticultural maintenance technicians who engage in creative collaboration as a collective teamwork effort. We keep close communication with our clients at all stages of a project, including conceptual, design, and development phases. We invite you to get to know us and to explore the possibilities our experts in various fields offer. We are always thrilled to create unique places, perfectly suited to the Mediterranean environment whilst reflecting your own sense of beauty and harmony.

Antonis Skordilis

Dr Antonis Skordilis has a passion for nature and plants and combines scientific knowledge, broad experience and innovative thinking to achieve sustainable gardens even in the most marginal terrains. As a Botanist, he is an expert in the ecology of Mediterranean plant communities and the local flora and has introduced many native plants of great aesthetic value to his gardens.

As a cofounder of GREENWAYS LTD (1997) and founder of ECOSCAPES (2013), Antonis has led over 250 landscape projects in Greece and abroad. His work addresses landscape architectural planning and detailed design of parks, hotel resorts, corporate buildings, University Campuses, residential gardens, habitat recreation in marginal lands, green roofs etc. With each one of his projects, Antonis aims to achieve harmony between the new landscape design, the natural surrounding environment and the architectural style of the built environment. He combines his ambition to create long lasting and aesthetically pleasing gardens with a great respect and affinity to the site’s environmental values and ecosystem, while also considering its future evolution.

Antonis is a Visiting Professor of Environmental Planning at Harokopeio University of Athens, Greece. During the last 25 years he has participated in many Greek and International Environmental Research Projects and has supervised more than 50 thesis of graduate and post graduate students.

He graduated from the National University of Athens with a Degree in Biology. In 1992 he received his PhD in Plant Ecology of Mediterranean ecosystems, while he received training at the Royal Botanic Gardens Kew, London in Conservation Biology and Landscape Ecology.

Every year Antonis attends well-known international plant shows (e.g. the Chelsea Flower Show in London and Plant Days at Courson, Paris) and systematically commits to introducing in his designs the most recent developments in the industry inspired by top professionals worldwide.

He spends most of his spare time at his beautiful 3-hectare estate in the Peloponnese, where he experiments with new ornamental plants, traditional vegetables, and bio cultivation techniques.

Dimitris Karameris

Patient and persistent, Dimitris is the one who gives solutions to any technical issues that arise. He was born in 1981 in Crete, where he completed his studies as Technologist Agronomist with emphasis on Greenhouse Crops. He has a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Agricultural University of Athens. He has a profound interest in developing and materializing edible gardens in urban environments, introducing to cities and locals best cultivation practices, water management principles and much more.

As a researcher he has worked in the “Plant Research International Institute”, of Wageningen University in Holland (2006). He has many years of experience as an Agronomist and Technical Consultant contributing to numerous greenhouse construction projects and landscaping firms. In the past few years he organized and managed seminars in the field of urban horticulture.

Nikos Kassis

A man of action, Nikos was born in Athens in 1979.

A Technologist Agronomist with emphasis to Greenhouse Crops and Floriculture, he specializes in water resources management as well as integrated irrigation systems installations. He has worked as a researcher at the Benaki Phytopathological Institute, participating in laboratory research investigating the management of phytoregulatory substances. He worked in several greenhouse units of horticultural and floricultural plants, being in charge of production efficiency and quality control.