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We provide high-performance landscape architecture and master planning to create exceptional places, urban or rural, where people live, work, and play. Whether large or small scale, residences, commercial buildings or edible gardens, all of our projects reflect remarkable aesthetic qualities and a thoughtful admiration for the essence of natural environmentshabitat recreation.Once appointed, we see a project through until completion, and pride ourselves on our attention to detail and the support and advice we offer to our clients at every stage of the project. ECOSCAPES is committed to integrating art and science, innovation and experience, to create environments that are both uniquely beautiful and naturally robust.

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ECOSCAPES is a leading landscape architecture, planning, and urban design firm, operating since 2013 and located in Athens, Greece. Our creative studios are committed to designs that reflect nature's aesthetic qualities, are resilient and sustainable and altogether benefit positively social well-being. Our core mission is to create exceptional spaces for our clients. A shared passion for plants, design, functionality and beauty brings together a team of professionals with various backgrounds (including landscape architecture, horticulture and botany) and drives a truly dynamic and creative practice. Keeping in close communication with our clients during all the phases of the development of a project, we bring to life landscapes of exceptional essence. We invite you to get to know us and explore the possibilities our experts have to offer within the greater field of landscape design.


At ECOSCAPES, we have a deep appreciation for nature and natural systems and a strong commitment to designs that vividly combine aesthetics and science. Our inspiration springs from understanding unique characteristics of the site under study, its specific environmental properties, and the client's own needs and preferences. Our design process combines collective imagination with scientific knowledge to produce unique landscapes. Using innovative materials and a wide variety of plant palettes we build exceptional environments that suit even the most marginal conditions of the Mediterranean landscape. Our approach evolves constantly to reflect new ideas and to deal with new challenges.


ECOSCAPES’ landscape projects are always in harmony with the architectural and natural environment of each site. We believe in a multidisciplinary approach combining our collective experience, closely observing advancements in the industry, having a broad understanding of plant science and thinking innovatively to develop resilience in everything we create. Weather conditions, water availability, wind, geology and much more become elements of a challenging exploration where balance, adaptability and durability are dominating factors of the final design. The selected planting material, hardscape materials, topography alternations, water management and other design elements are derived having preventive maintenance at the back of our mind, while each completed project becomes sustainably a component of the beautiful Mediterranean landscape.


Each project is addressed based on its individually and always progressing in close collaboration with our clients. Our architects and landscape architects skillfully integrate the client’s own unique aesthetic vision with the particular environmental and functional requirements of the site. There is no standard template, only a fresh, customized creation. ECOSCAPES directs the development of each project as a unique work of art and science. The result is a beautiful, customized plan that evolves taking into consideration the essential elements of life such as sunlight, wind, water, and other factors impacting the growth and health of the plants.

Our extensive knowledge of the Mediterranean flora ensures beautiful and sustainable planting combinations that are easily maintained at a relatively low cost. We use the most robust breeds of native plants, well-adapted to the climate, carefully selected according to environmental conditions such as sunlight exposure, soil acidity and nutrient content as well as water availability. This ensures the creation of thriving natural environments, always paying close attention to the resulting human experience and perception of landscapes.

Our architects work closely with our clients to design functional and practical landscapes, by personally visiting and evaluating sites, carefully developing plans, taking expert advice from our botanists, ensuring the realization of uniquely pleasing living spaces.

We select building materials for paths, ponds, and other landscape elements based on functionality and durability from a variety of local suppliers, using the best available stone, metal, and wood. We carefully combine materials that aesthetically complement architectural details and can withstand weathering over time.

Our construction team is comprised by experienced horticultural technicians ensuring professional installation of planting material, under the supervision of a leading team botanist. Post construction and installation, ECOSCAPES can provide maintenance services adjustable to the needs of your garden. A team of horticultural technicians under the instructions of our agronomists, ensure the well-being of your green spaces with regular visits, keeping all the elements and components of your garden at optimal conditions.