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OUR TEAM Dimitris Karameris

Team subtitle: CO-FOUNDER

Dimitris Karameris


Patient and persistent, Dimitris is the one who gives solutions to any technical issues that arise. He was born in 1981 in Crete, where he completed his studies as Technologist Agronomist with emphasis on Greenhouse Crops. He has a Master Degree in Landscape Architecture from the Agricultural University of Athens. He has a profound interest in developing and materializing edible gardens in urban environments, introducing to cities and locals best cultivation practices, water management principles and much more.

As a researcher he has worked in the “Plant Research International Institute”, of Wageningen University in Holland (2006). He has many years of experience as an Agronomist and Technical Consultant contributing to numerous greenhouse construction projects and landscaping firms. In the past few years he organized and managed seminars in the field of urban horticulture.